Interesting Times

For my Parents on their 35th Wedding Anniversary

(And their less-than-enthusiastic start as empty nesters)


“May you live in interesting times” -purportedly a Chinese curse

Here’s to interesting times, to never being bored, to getting more than you bargained for and for loving that adventure.

Here’s to being too much fun to leave, to trying not to cry in church, to knowing we were more than wanted, always welcomed, and forever adored.

Here’s to mess, both literal and physical and metaphorical, to courage and always getting through, for the hope that comes through perseverance, for the grace to forgive and the love that was never doubted and that gosh darn stubbornness that comes in spades.

Here’s to laughter, for never a dull moment, for trying to act normal and Ra Ra Riot car sing-a-longs, for goats in bathrooms on Christmas morning, for the ability to handle surprise and to navigate life with joy.

Here’s to family, to verbal barrage and organized chaos, to honesty and listening, to bubble lights and too many books, to TCBY yogurt in the Brussels airport and a place we can always come home to.

Here’s to faith, to watching what it looks like to follow a calling, to being wrapped in prayer and encouraged to “walk in the light,” to being taught that God’s love goes everywhere and we’re welcome to follow, for conversations and encouragement, for using each other sermon examples, for being shown God’s love in action.

Here’s to you two, to accumulating animals when the other wasn’t looking, for the bets taken against you from the beginning that you proved wrong, to the pastor and the ‘family shepherd,’ to the team that has shown me how it’s done and what a partnership should really look like, for 35 years and always another adventure.

Here’s to us, to the family you’ve made, borrowed, accumulated, to the adventures we’ve had and the adventures we’re still looking forward to, for showing us how to dream and how to live in interesting times, for the love that holds us all together and makes us us, and proud to be a part of it.


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